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July 2, 1496


Michelangelo Buonarroti


Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' Medici






Letter 1

[To Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' Medici in Florence]
Jesus. on the 2nd day of July, 1496

Magnificent Lorenzo. - Just to let you know that last Saturday we arrived at Salvamento and went straightaway to call on the Cardinal of Saint George and present your letter. He seemed glad to see me and immediately wanted me to go and see some statues, which took the whole day, so I couldn't give him your other letters that day. Then, on Sunday, the cardinal went to his new house and asked for me; I went to him and he asked me what I thought of the things I had seen. I gave him my opinion; and indeed I think there are many beautiful things. Then the cardinal asked whether I had the spirit to make something beautiful myself. I replied that I might not do anything quite so fine, but he would see what I could do. We have bought a block of marble big enough for a life-sized figure, and on Monday i shall set to work. Last Monday I presented your other letters to Paolo Rucellai, who offered me the money I needed, and also the letters for the Cavalcanti. Then I gave Baldassare his letter and asked him for the Cupid, saying that I would give him back the money. He answered very sharply that he'd sooner smash it in a hundred pieces, that he had bought the Cupid and it was his, that he had letters to prove he had satisfied those who sent it to him and that he had no idea of having to give it back. And he complained a lot about you, saying you had slandered him. Some of our Florentines have tried to settle matters between us, but it came to nothing. Now I reckon I shall work through the cardinal, for that's what Baldassare Balducci advises. You shall hear how it turns out. That's all for now. I send you my regards, May God keep you from all harm.

Michelangelo in Rome.




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