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Michelangelo a project of Fordham University's Art History Program, showcases student work in the upper-level Art History course that surveys the life, times, and works of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564). The course is taught by Professor Maria Ruvoldt in collaboration with Katherina Fostano, Visual Resources Curator, and Shawn Hill, Instructional Technologist. 

This online exhibition, like the course from which it originates, traces Michelangelo's development from his origins in fifteenth-century Florence to his role as the leading artist of sixteenth-century Rome and his ultimate fate as the “divine” artist memorialized by Giorgio Vasari.

The website presents student-produced exhibitions based on the rich archive of primary source material related to Michelangelo–including letters, poems, contracts, and biographies–and on the long tradition of scholarship pertaining to the artist and his work.